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A Syrian Christmas!

By conducting more deadly operations throughout the country, even with Arab League monitors on the ground, the Assads are basically informing the world that such missions are useless and that the only way to take them out is to do it militarily. Or, as the inhabitants of Kafrenbel in the Idlib Province put it: “Civilized World! The Syrian Regime’s massacres have put your credibility about Human Rights at stake.”

Saturday 24, 2011

Today’s death toll: 28 on Friday, 41 on Saturday (19 in Homs city including 3 children). Qraya in Deir Ezzor Province was stormed on Saturday.


The Great Distraction: the Why!

It’s amazing how “terrorist” attacks in Syria always occur at a time when it’s very convenient for the Assads to have them. Pleeease! Some of us were not even fooled the first time around, to be fooled now.  But what were the Assads hoping to accomplish? One might ask.

The Assads simply needed to generate enough noise in order to cover up what their soldiers did in the village of Kafar Ouaid in the region of Jabal Al-Zawiyeh in the Idlib Province on December 20 , In order to make the world stop talking about this new massacre, this new crime against humanity, they orchestrated a new one, and blamed it on Al-Qaeda, the favorite enemy of the global punditry Oh, poor, poor Assads!

But what the world must know is that the Assads have just added another crime to their growing list, just in time for Christmas. Indeed, and because it’s Christmas, the Assads couldn’t help but adding a little cynical signature to the act: of the 44 reported dead, few were identified, but they included one name has been leaked, that of a Christian Major General affiliated with Military Security Apparatus, one Matanius Morani. But of course. What a nice touch!

Al-Qaeda kills a Christian in Syria on Christmas! What massacre in Kafar Ouaid? What 1,000 dead in less than a week? What 5,000 dead in months of revolution? What 15,000 thousands missing and presumed dead as well? What 50,000 detainees? What torture? What mock trials? What summary executions? Al-Qaeda kills a Christian in Syria on Christmas, what’s more important than that?

One could interject here to say that the world is not made up of dupes, and that international analysts and policymakers must be aware of the Assads’ intentions. Really? Well, how many are still speaking of the massacre of Kafar Ouaid? What much airtime was given to it in comparison? The world may not have completely fallen for the Assads’ ploy, but it has sufficiently fallen for it to give him another pass.

For now, the entire conversation will focus on whether this was an Al-Qaeda attack or not, rather than what happened in Kafar OUaid and what continues to happen there and in Homs, Deraa, Deir Ezzor, Hama, Rural Aleppo and rural Damascus. The Arab League monitors will be kept otherwise preoccupied, as they have already been made to visit the scene of the attacks. 

The Great Distraction: the How!

So, the real question regarding the attacks is not “who did it?”, but “how did the Assads do it?” There are two possible scenarios:

1)       The attacks were completely staged from A to Z, meaning that there were no suicide bombers even, and that the entire “attack” consisted of a couple of staged explosions followed by a series of allegations and false reports.
2)      The attacks were indeed the work of Al-Qaeda operatives who were manipulated by the Assads. For the Assads, as many intelligence reports indicate, have managed soon after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq to infiltrate and control Al-Qaeda network in the region.

Less than 20 minutes following the attack, the authorities began reporting that this was indeed an Al-Qaeda attack. Not exactly enough time for a serious investigation to have taken place, and not that there were any Al-Qaeda produced videos trying to take credit.

My money is on the first scenario, because if had the Assads manipulated Al-Qaeda operatives into doing this, they would have taking the extra step of encouraging them to provide a video taking credit, as they have done before. Furthermore, some who watched videos of the carnage said that the bodies were stacked too close together to be the victims of a suicide bomber!

Be that as it may, the Assads are the culprits, and the authorities who were able to determine that Al-Qaeda was responsible within less than 20 minutes of the attacks, have so far failed to identify the victims, except for our Christian Major General and a handful of others! Go figure! 

Idlib / Jabal Al-Zawiyeh: The Massacre in Kafar Ouaid – December 20 (92 civilians were killed execution-style):

The grief Here, someone is heard asking for President Obama The hands were tied: this was a cold blooded massacre, not combat ,
 Bodies show signs of torture Preparing for burial , The few survivors But on Friday, December 23, the women of Kafar Ouaid take to the streets chanting “death is better than humiliation” ,

An Eyewitness describes what happens His account corresponds to previous reports: On December 19th, around 90 soldiers defected leading to clashes between them and loyalists between Kafar Ouaid and Kinsafrah, and they were all killed, including 10 civilians from the town of Kinsafrah. On December 20, civilian protesters taking refuge in a valley near Kafar Ouaid were also targeted. They phone for help, but the only thing the inhabitants of Kafar Ouaid could do was to call human rights activists abroad and try to get international attention. Some died as result of pounding. Others had their hands tied and seem to have been summarily executed. The bodies were then brought to the local mosque. On December 21, another massacre was committed in the Mount of Shahshabo in a town called Mneer when 15 internal refugees living in a makeshift camp were killed when their camp was shelled. “We hope the entire world would stand by us, because we are being cold in cold blood”  

Bayadah Neighborhood / Homs City / Dec 22: defectors try to take out a sniper Another operation that took place in early December targeted Major General Adnan Dayoub, who was seriously wounded in the attack and reportedly died of his wounds shortly after. Dayoub was believed to be responsible for the massacres in Rastan and Tal Kalakh in the Homs Province. Leaked videos, pieced together in this clip, shows the general addressing his troops encouraging them to strike hard against the protesters. The second part shows the General lying on his deathbed

Protesters show off some of the listening equipment used by Assad’s security forces to spy on communications between protesters

The Druze inhabitants of the village of Majdal Shams in Occupied Golan join the ranks of the Revolution by staging their first major protest on Friday December 23

Still, realities are more often shaped by what Assad snipers and loyalists are doing every day in places like:

Hama City Bab Qibli (Dec 20) (Dec 23) Deraa Na’eemeh (Dec 21) Hama (Kafar Zeita - Dec 22) Idlib Idlib City nighttime mourners come under fire leaving 1 dead (Dec 22) Earlier in the day, a car was targeted by snipers Security forces assaulting an old man in Salaheddine Neighborhood in Aleppo City the minaret of the local mosque in Kafranboudeh in Hama Province is targeted by loyalists (Dec 23)

And of course Baba Amr in Homs City (Dec 20) Bab Amr (Dec 22) The pounding , High Definition The dead and wounded , , , , , , , , , Man shot in the head A man takes his last breaths These soldiers were killed by loyalists when tried to defect Blood covers the streets  Sporadic gunfire continues throughout the night Still, local defectors were still to mount a symbolic operation when they removed the old flag from on top of the local coop replacing it with the independence flag that revolutionaries have long adopted. They did so under intense gunfire

And tanks storm Deir Baalbah in Homs city (Dec 22) Shooting and pounding their way in , The occupants of this car were hit And the pounding continues , , , Sniper action Targeting shops observing strike , Dead body in the street If you want to see the face of a real Christian martyr for Christmas, this a protester from Deir Baalbah

In Bayadah, the pounding took out the electrical wiring in Cairo Street (Dec 22) A tour of Bab Al-Sibaa

Retrieving a dead body from the streets in Khaldiyeh Earlier the neighborhood came under intense pounding , We should bear in mind that December 22 marks the first day of the visit by the Arab League Delegation.

And it’s about the people burying their dead: Hama City Bab Qibli (Dec 20) , Braving death and loyalist bullets to do it: Damascus City Qadam (Dec 21) Rural Damascus Zabadani (Dec 21) Idlib Kafrenbel (Dec 21): one of the 100 martyrs of Kafar Ouaid Idlib City (Dec 21) Jabal Al-Zawiyeh (Dec 21) burying the local Imam of Kafar Ouaid Saraqib (Dec21) funeral for 11-year old boy Ma’arrat Al-Nouman (Dec 22) A child dying Heesh Double funeral Habeet Deraa (Nawa - Dec 21) , Basr Al-Harir (Dec 22) Da’el Homs City Deir Baalbah (Dec 21) Karm Al-Zeitun Bayadah children continue to be targeted Bayadah (Dec 22) Homs Province Ghanto (Dec 22)

Could it possibly be that by staging the “terrorist” attacks on Friday, the Assads were really hoping to detract the world’s attention from those incidents highlighted above, and from the fact that the average daily death toll is now around 100?

On the night of December 22, the Damascene suburb of Barzeh witnessed Syrians from north, south and central Syria take part in this nighttime demonstration Rural and Suburban Damascus has received over the last few weeks refugees from all over Syria, adding more fuel to its already burning fires.

Rural Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Hassekh and Raqqah, in other words, the entire northeast, is also heating up. The increasingly crackdown in Deir Ezzor are not helping matters.

DEIR EZZOR: Huwaijeh under fire (Dec 22) Qrayah (Qouriyeh) is invaded by Assad loyalists (Dec 22) And the pounding begins

And the defections continue: Col. Adnan Muhammad Hallak – Hama (Dec 22) He announces he and his troops are joining the Free Syrian Army. Another defection in Hassakeh Several army officers declare their defection in front of a crowd of protesters in Bab Al-Sibaa Neighborhood in Homs City (Dec 23) More defectors do the same thing in the town of Talbisseh in the larger Homs Province (Dec 23)

Students in the University of Aleppo continue to defy authorities by staging more and more on-campus protests and sit-ins (Dec 22) , , , The crackdown was hard and led to many arrests. Tear gas was used

Friday December 23: a day dedicated to the Protocol of Death, in reference to the Protocol signed between the Assads and the Arab League allowing for Arab monitors to enter the country and prepare a report on the situation. The mission is scheduled to last for 1 month.

HOMS CITY: Snipers in action in Deir Baalbah Another martyr from the neighborhood But people took their dead and held mass funerals to commemorate this Friday Speaker says the regime is the real champion of sectarianism, and that they have targeted Christians to accuse the people of the neighborhood of being sectarian. Instead, he invites all to vow revenge for the fallen Christian martyr, killed by pro-Assad snipers. This is the martyr . In a typical fashion, the funeral becomes a protest ,

Baba Amr The day begins by a funeral for 9 martyrs , Saying goodbye Protesters get shot at as they try to cross the streets At night, the neighborhood comes under fire ,

In Insha’aat snipers open fire at protesters A defector is killed and his body lies in the streets, the protesters unable to retrieve it

Protesters and Cameraman in Malaab (Stadium) come under fire Ghoutah is under fire Worshippers coming in and out of the historic Mosque of Khalid Bin Al-Waleed are targeted by snipers

In Khaldiyeh, snipers kill two worshippers as they leave the local mosque Another body in the street Still, the locals held a major protest that goes into the night In the interim, the neighborhood comes under fire and gets back under fire in the deep of night , A car catches fire due to shelling

At night, the neighborhoods of Bab Al-Sibaa, Bab Houd and Sifsafeh come under fire ,

Demonstrations: Midan Banners “Yes, to supporting the Free Syrian Army” “The average daily death toll is now 100” “We demand an Arab intervention force to protect civilians and the establishment of a buffer zone” Bab Al-Sibaa Qoussour , Bab Houd Insha’aat Karm Al-Shami Jouret Al-Shayah Shammas “We will not forget our captives” Qarabees Banner “Not Sectarianism, the Syrian people are one” Bab Al-Sibaa Hamra Wadi Al-Arab Al-Rifai Neighborhood Wa’er , Bab Dreib , Bab Tadmor Malaab , Asheerah Karm Al-Zeitun , Baba Amr Bayadah , Safsafeh

Nighttime protests take place all over Homs City, including: Wa’er Deir Baalbah Bab Al-Sibaa Bab Dreib Shammas Sifsafeh

HOMS PROVINCE: In Talbisseh, children come under sniper fire as they try to cross the road on their way to the local protest Qseir funeral Protest , night

Tal Ashour “the people want international protection” Ghanto Night Qaryatein Teer Ma’allah

DAMASCUS CITY: In Moadamiyah, a local woman challenges a loyalist security officer telling him “you’re killing us!,” then she says “down with Bashar Al-Assad, shoot me then” Another local woman grieves over the ransacking of her house and curses Assad

In Douma, protesters ,  come under fire, leaving several seriously wounded, including this one , This one is shot in cold blood Another local martyr Some arrests were made as well , The community soon come under sporadic automatic gunfire as armored vehicles roam the streets At night, protesters take back to the streets

Loyalist security forces storm the neighborhood of Sayyidah Zeinab

RURAL & SUBURBAN DAMASCUS: Zabadani: The charred remains of activists killed by loyalists when their car was targeted by an RPG rocket Still, locals took to the streets on Friday and burnt Hezbollah flags and holding a major rally In which local women take major part People stay all through the night

In nearby Madaya, people stage their own protest ,

When they can’t use tanks, Assad loyalists use these cars to patrol the protest communities in Rural Damascus Qatana Loyalists forces storm Arbeen , Still, people take to the streets at night

Protesters in Zamalka come under fire leading to many wounded ,

Qoudsayah But protesters soon come under attack from loyalists Still, at night people take to the streets again

At night, a major demonstration takes place in Zamalka , and in Sirghaya Harasta Kafar Batna Yafour & Sabbourah

IDLIB: In Khan Shaikhoon a funeral-cum-protest , a local martyr At night, the neighborhood comes under renewed fire

Taftanaz A similar event in Idlib City , Kafrenbel Banner “Civilized World! The Syrian Regime’s massacres have put your credibility about Human Rights at stake” Protesters later come under fire resulting in several casualties, including this one

Ma’arat Hourmeh Binnish , Kafroumah Tanks at the outskirts protests downtown , Hzano Kafar Sajnah “your silence is killing us, we only have God [on our side]” , Kafar Takhareem Ma’arrat Al-Nouman , Jbala Ta’oum Night Saraqib Habeet Eltaman’ah Sheikh Moustafa Jabal Al-Zawiyeh “Even if you us all, the rocks of the mountain will defy you” Zardana Heesh Jisr Ashoughour (Kastan) Telmens Sarmada Ma’arrat Masreen Banner “We demand a buffer zone for the FSA” Sarmeen Jarjanaz Hreinoush Elteh Ain Sheeb Ma’asaran Gilli Ghadfeh Farkayah Khan Al-Subul

HAMA: The minaret of the local mosque in Kafranboudeh is targeted by loyalists

Major demonstrations took place in Hilfaya Banner “Surpoprt the Free Syrian Army before it’s too late” , Kafar Zeita “he speaks about reforms, but he is actually a murderer. He is a madman, a madman” Taybat Al-Imam Breidej “Freedom forever in spite of you Assad” Sauran , Karnaz Mourek Ellatamneh Ma’ardis In Khattab, local protesters present their own secret weapon for fighting against Bashar which was a small act in a big show of defiance

Hama City Loyalist security forces open fire at protesters killing few , One of the martyrs (Bab Qibli) (Aleppo Road) (Hamidiyeh) (Frayeh) (Qoussour) (Eleilaat) (Kazoo) (Osman Bin Affan Mosque) (Arba’een Neighborhood) (Malaab) Loyalists storm the neighborhood of Sabouniyeh

Nighttime (Hamidiyeh) (Aleppo Road)

Saida comes under fire at night Nawa comes under fire at night , Demonstrations take place in most communities above, including Da’el

In Deraa City people in Kashef Neighborhood protest inside the mosque to avoid the myriad snipers stationed throughout the city Still, on their way out they come under fire In Sadd Street, locals manage to put a small protest together Much larger demonstration took place in Mahata And they stay through the night In Qoussour, loyalist security forces pursue protesters

ALEPPO: Aleppo City loyalists broke a small protests in Masakin Hanano Firing at protesters Elsewhere in the city, people still manage to put a small protest together

LATTAKIA: Hiffeh Lattakia City people protest inside local mosque to avoid security clampdown In Jableh, a mixed coastal town of Sunnis, Alawites and Christians, loyalists lay siege to local mosques in order to prevent demonstrations

DEIR EZZOR: In Deir Ezzor City protesters come under loyalist fire Jarzi Qrayah  

HASSAKEH: Qamishly , Amoudeh Assad, his brother, his cousin and his FM are hang in effigy , Ras Al-Ain Dirbassiyeh Ghweiran

Saturday December 24 highlights
Protests throughout the country were dedicated to Baba Amr Neighborhood in Homs City which underwent heavy pounding by loyalists in an effort to bring this restive neighborhood under control.

HOMS CITY: two tanks taking part of the siege of Baba Amr As the sounds of prayers and gunfire are intermixed , The pounding continues It intensifies Tanks storm the fields affiliated with the neighborhoods In the brief lull between bouts of shelling, the local women call for help A new martyr Women die under fire too Some get wounded Entire families are hurt

Khaldiyeh holds a funeral for this activist and come under fire at night

Demonstrations take place in Bab Al-Sibaa A recent defector takes part Night Ghouta Jouret Al-Shayah Shammas Qoussour Khaldiyeh Wa’er

HOMS PROVINCE: Teer Ma’allah Qseir Talbisseh holds a funeral for this martyr They come under heavy fire but they stand their ground

Houleh offers a martyr who was killed under torture And another But at night, and despite the rain, people take to the streets

Ghanto holds a funeral And another funeral for this activist who was killed under torture The sister takes part and leads the chant “Syria wants freedom”

Tadmor (Palmyra)

IDLIB: Ariha All-women Haass Idlib City holds a funeral for this martyr Ma’arrat Al-Nouman buries this child martyr More demonstrations took place in Barseh Binnish At night, the region around Khan Shaikhoon come fire

DAMASCUS CITY: The inhabitants of the suburb of Douma hold a double funeral for Friday’s martyrs The two martyrs , thousands took part , “Bashar stop barking, the people want a no-fly zone” , , Funerals are called weddings and in a typical fashion of a wedding, the martyr’s colleagues take him for a spin The women follow from a distance and are protected by the men More mourning at night

The locals at Sayidah Zeinab held a funeral for this martyr said to have been killed in the suicide attacks in Damascus, but locals blamed the authorities for the death and clashed with security forces.

Assad Security forces prevent a funeral in Moadamiyeh , from reaching the local cemetery

More demonstrations Midan  , Zahirah An all women demonstration in Daraya And a major nighttime demonstration is held Barzeh

RURAL & SUBURBAN DAMASCUS: Rheibeh holds a funeral Nighttime protests took place in Zamalka Hamouriyeh Assali Yabroud

HAMA: Kafar Zeita Taybat Al-Imam Hama City (Hamidyeh) locals send their best wishes to their Christian neighbors

DERAA/HAURAN: In Ghabaghib a mother grieves for martyred son His funeral

Impact of shelling on Hraak (Dec 21) , Tanks roam the streets and open fire on locals

ALEPPO: Tal Rif’aat holds a funeral for a woman martyr , Elbab

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