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The Incident at Al-Rifai Mosque!

In the ongoing struggle in Syria, all sides are on the rope, even those who simply observe the ongoing developments from the safety of their illusions.

Friday August 26, 2011

16 were killed by security forces today in protests across Syria, as the situation on Damascus took a dramatic turn.

Death toll distribution: 3 in Idlib (2 in Kafrouma, and 1 under torture in Ma’arrat Al-Nouman), 2 in Deraa/Haruan (Nawa and Mleiha), 1 in Hama (a defector originally from Bosra), 5 in Deir Ezzor (4 in Deir Ezzor City and 1 in Qouriyeh), 2 in Damascus (Qaboun, Douma and Kafar Sousseh), 2 in Homs (1 by a sniper in Bab Al-Sibaa Neighborhood in Homs City and 1 during a security crackdown in the town of Al-Qseir), and 1 in Lattakia (Skantouri).

“Qaddafi is gone, it is your turn Bashar!,” demonstrators screamed, according to accounts relayed from Syria, which has banned most foreign news organizations from reporting inside the country. Others shouted, “Bye bye Qaddafi, Bashar is next!,” and “Bashar, we don’t love you, even if you turn night into day!”
The Russian text put forward Friday proposes no sanctions, but rather calls on the Syrian government to institute promised reforms and on the Syrian opposition to enter into a dialogue with the government. The opposition has largely rejected calls for talks; a three-day national dialogue conference in July was boycotted by most prominent opposition figures.
A UN investigative team has wrapped up its visit to Syria, concluding that "there is an urgent need to protect civilians" from excessive force. The team, the first Syria has allowed in since a deadly crackdown on protests began in March, said there was no countrywide humanitarian crisis.

Al-Rifai Mosque in the neighborhood of Kafar Sousseh in Damascus remains a hotspot that still flares on occasions. Today’s flare-up, however, dissected below, have sparked sympathy protests around Syria for the first time, and might, therefore, prove a catalyst for greater agitation in central Damascus.

Kafar Sousseh / Al-Rifai Mosque: protesters were about to take to the streets chanting “We don’t Bashar” they were instead trapped by security forces and shabbiha , who soon stormed the mosque , , , A chaotic scene developed as worshippers scurried to block exits to prevent entrance of shabbiha and to help the wounded who were it in the courtyard , , The aftermath Shabbiha chant “Abou Hafiz” outside the mosque, cameraman enters mosque shows aftermath of attack as paramedics remove the body of a martyr Eyewitness report that 1 worshipper was killed and 6 were wounded during the attack in which tear gas, electric tasers, batons, plastic bullets and live ammunition were used The imam, Sheikh Osama Al-Rifai was reportedly assaulted and injured.  This is the scene from outside the mosque One of the wounded Another At dawn, locals carry out a campaign to tear down Bashar’s omnipresent posters

Featured Videos

Members of the Free Officers Movement address the crowds in the town of Rastan in the Homs Province

Leaked video shows how army troops intentionally targeted the minaret of the Othman Mosque in Deir Ezzor City And the Assault on religious symbols continues with army troops opening fire on the minaret of Bin Nafei Mosque in Nazheen Neighborhood in Homs City

In the neighborhood of Bab Amr in Homs City, among other places, protesters called out for a no-fly zone This is fast becoming a popular theme throughout protest communities.

A study in a pink in a small protest in Qaboun Neighborhood in Damascus


In Qaboun a protester was killed by a sniper

Security forces and shabbiha storm the neighborhood of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad at noon But locals came out anyway and again at night

Security forces were also heavily present in Moadamiyeh , .

Qadam Earlier in the day, security forces and shabbiha stormed the neighborhood In Al-Tall, protesters clash with security forces

Daytime protests also took place in Arbeen and nearby Zamalka and Jobar where the local mosque was surrounded by security officers , But people still managed to organize a protest , On the other side of town (south), protests took place in Kanaker Qarrah , Assaly Zabadani Madaya Kafar Batna Barzeh , Midan (Hassan Mosque) Kisweh

In Douma, protesters put out a major daytime demonstration , followed by a major nighttime demonstration , before a fire engine helped disperse it The nearby Harasta fielded large protests of its own around the same time in the morning , , and at night

Dawn of Aug 27

A flash protest in Midan (Hassam Mosque) at dawn of August 27 flash protest at Zahira flash protest in Haqleh


In Nawa, tanks were all over the place still, protesters prevented army troops from arresting one of their colleagues Protesters come under fire shortly after , One was killed The barricades surrounding Nawa

In Mleiha, protesters defy tanks and come under fire leaving several wounded The protest before the crackdown

In Khirbet Ghazaleh, protesters hang and set on fire an effigy of Assad This is how the protest started ,

In Ataman, children salute Bashar with their shoes and tell him “Bye bye, we want to see in The Hague” , ,

Al-Hraak: little girl leading prayers for salvation as protesters swear allegiance to the Revolution ,

In Deraa City, soldiers were omnipresent and prevented people from gathering in the morning , But they gathered in another neighborhood In Jassem, they did the same But, people still protested even as army troops looked on And, as we see below, protesters still came out at night in both cities.

Thousands took in today’s protests in Tafas In Taybeh, thousands gathered to listen to different speakers , including this activist from the coastal city of Tartous who came to show solidarity and this one from Suweida Sanamein , , , Da’el , Kafar Shams Nahteh Khirbet Ghazaleh , Ghabaghib Jassem

Dawn of Aug 27


In Kafroumah, tanks and troops intervened to disperse a noontime protest , and the crackdown left 1 martyr

Thousand take to the streets in Idlib City in the morning , , and again at night , ,  , , In Sarmeen , during the day, the people of Sarmeen asked for international protection and congratulated the Libyan people , Taftanaz (daytime) , Kafar Nabbol The people at Saraqib waved the independence flag from the top of a local minaret as they listened to patriotic songs Jarjanaz (daytime) Jabal Al-Zawiyeh Haass (daytime) Binnish (daytime) , Hzano (daytime) Jabal al-Zawiyeh / Kafar Ouaid (daytime) Jabal al-Zawiyeh / Ibleen (daytime)

Ma’arrat Al-Nouman held a funeral at night for a colleague who fell during a crackdown in the morning , These are the likely culprits and this was the demonstration before the crackdown  This is a daytime demonstration in a town near Ma’arrat

Kafar Nabbol offers another martyr tanks roam the streets in the morning  Still, the defiant inhabitants a noontime demonstration ,


Sakhour , Atareb Security and shabbiha crowd the streets of Tal-Rif’at in the morning Still, locals hold a protest at noon Kobani

Dawn Aug 27


In Bab Al-Sibaa daytime protesters soon came under heavy gunfire

Thousands attended a nighttime protest in Palmyra/Tadmor

Dawn of Aug 27


A dawn protest in Deir Ezzor City Some of today’s martyrs in Deir Ezzor City ,  A funeral The earlier protest , , Protesters raise banners critical of Erdogan vacillations Martyr from Qouriyeh Today’s protest in Qouriyeh The protesters come under fire Albou Kamal held a nightly protest of its own despite the ongoing siege


Security and shabbiha on the watch outside of a local mosque in Sleibeh Neighborhood: The view from Mosque At night, protesters still manage to organize a flash demonstration in the mosque itself Traces of gunfire on residential buildings in Skantouri


Hama City: Bab Ibli , Asrouniyeh “We want our detainees” People want international intervention (daytime) Latamneh (daytime)

Elsewhere in the larger Province, Hilfaya , Taybat Al-Imam Kafar Zita (daytime) , Salamiyeh (daytime)


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