Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hof & Puff: Assad – dead man walking!

Current U.S. policy towards Syria stands in stark dissonance with the strong statements enunciated by Frederic Hof. Even dead men walking need to be egged on, if not dragged, towards the rope.

Wednesday 14, 2011

Today’s death toll: 36. The Breakdown: 13 in Hama City, 10 in Homs Province, 4 in Idlib, 3 in Qamishly, 3 in Damascus, 2 in Deraa/Hauran Province and 1 in Deir Ezzor Province.

Dozens of tanks and armored vehicles took part in sweep operations in Hama City with the aim of putting an end to the general strike still observed by locals. But local defectors fought back, and there were reports of casualties among loyalists. In Homs City, the goalkeeper Abdelbassit Sarout, who has become one of the local leaders of the protest movement, was reportedly among the wounded today. In Zabadani Town in Rural Damascus, pounding led to clashes between loyalists and insurgents. 

The General Strike continues throughout all protest communities.

A FORMER senior diplomat yesterday became one of the most senior Syrian regime insiders to openly denounce the government of President Bashar al-Assad, calling on the international community to protect civilians.

Leaked videos shows a massacre perpetrated by loyalist troops, who appear very proud of their work as usual, against local activists from the town of Rastan north of Homs City armed with CAMERAS But the inhabitants remain defiant

In Insha’aat Neighborhood in Homs City, protesters struggle to retrieve the bodies of sniper victims from the streets Another Three more This one was killed as he was bringing a bag of bread home the locals in Bayadah Neighborhood are having the same problem Loyalists storm Insha’aat in the evening

In Baba Amr, pounding sets a shop on fire But in nearby Khaldiyeh Neighborhood, the local are so unfazed, they arrange a marriage ceremony between a gas tank and a gallon of Kerosene Abdelbassit Sarout minutes before he was wounded But at night, loyalists reward defiance with gunfire In Bab Houd, worshippers come under shelling in the local mosque But at night, they still take to the streets In nearby Qoussour, the neighborhood comes under intense gunfire at night ,

In Houleh region in Homs Province, children forage of wood to burn And local keep protesting at night Protesters come under fire in nearby Qseir

In the mixed town of Zabadani Rural Damascus, churches bells toll for freedom and for this martyred woman, originally from Iraq And they continue to toll as the houses are shelled The pounding continues So much for the Assads as the protectors of the Christians of the East. But people still come out at night

Tanks move into the town of Hraak in Deraa/Hauran Province , no casualties were reported. Tanks moved into nearby Mleihah as well ,

In Alboukamal in Deir Ezzor Province, protester burn tires in the street after loyalist raid

More defections

December 14

DAMASCUS CITY: Demonstrations Mazzeh Eastern Villas  Douma Midan

HASSAKEH: Demonstrations Ras Al-Aain

DEIR EZZOR: Demonstrations Qrayah

ALEPPO: Demonstrations Hreitaan

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