Friday, December 16, 2011

Odds and Ends!

Thursday 15, 2011

Today’s death toll: 40. The Breakdown: 27 loyalists killed in clashes with defectors that took place throughout the Deraa/Hauran Province, especially Deraa City, Mseifrah, Jizah and Bosra. 15 more people were killed in Idlib, Homs and Rural Damascus, including 4 soldiers in Hassakeh killed by colleagues for refusing to fire at unarmed protesters.  


New Alliance

Bassam Imadi, former Syrian Ambassador to Sweden and the highest ranking civilian defector to date, chaired in Istanbul today a meeting that, according to him, included representatives of “most revolutionary forces operating on the ground. The meeting which comes a day before the Syrian National Council holds its first general conference in Tunisia, was not intended to rival group or council. Rather, Mr. Imadi said, the SNC already recognized his group which is, in fact, already represented in SNC through the Local Coordination Committees. The percentage, however, is “small.” So, we should expect some haggling to take place in the future on “percentages.”

With this new development, there will be four main currents competing inside the SNC: Burhane Ghalioun’s chosen assortment of leftwing figures, Ahmad Ramadan’s assortment of “independent” Islamists, many of whom former Muslin Brother hood members, the Muslim Brotherhood itself, and Imadi’s new group. Representatives of the Damascus Declaration, Kurdish groups, and the few liberals are too marginal to count in the decision-making process.

Imadi’s group’s take on the Free Syrian Army is to support it inasmuch as “it protects the protesters and the peaceful revolution,” which is the line that French and American officials have fed to Ghalioun as well.

Meanwhile the strike continues, the demonstrations… and the war.

Video Highlights

In the town of Hraak in Deraa/Hauran Province, protesters are fired on by tanks and snipers In Basr Al-Harir, locals leave town as it comes under fire Loyalists move in ,

A chopper overflies the Jabal Al-Zawiyeh region and automatic gunfire is heard, not clear if chopper is shooting

The aftermath of pounding in Ma’arrat Masreen in Idlib Province The pounding of nearby Sarmada The pounding of Habeet

The aftermath of battle in Qseir near Homs City

Tanks and loyalists assert themselves in Deir Ezzor City

A body of a woman martyrs lies in the streets of Zabadani in Rural Damascus (December 14) , Finally, the protesters manage to retrieve the body ,

In Arbeen in Rural Damascus, tanks made their entry , and loyalists carry out raids

Loyalists looting homes and shops in Hama City , Elsewhere, the pounding continues , , Tanks roam the streets

In Homs City, loyalists perpetrate a new massacre in Ghoutah The local hero and known goalkeeper, Abdelbassit Sarout, explains how he was hit by a sniper after taking part in leading a protest in Bayadah Neighborhood. 4 other people were killed in the attack, including a mother and her son Protesters in nearby Bab Houd come under fire (December 13) The local mosque catches fire ,

The Free Syrian Army forms a new division in Idlib Province “The Martyrs of the Jabal Al-Zawiyah brigade”

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